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PostHeaderIcon FIFA Transfers Cost 44.2% more since 2011


2015 was a record-breaking year for international transfers according to the recently released Global Transfer Market (GTM) report by FIFA TMS. Teams have been spending vast sums of money on this sports betting strategies of buying expensive players. The GTM Report 2016 includes review of all international transfer activities and an expert analysis.

The data was gathered through International Transfer Matching System (ITMS). The 209 FIFA member associations and more than 6500 professional football clubs worldwide directly supply comprehensive and transparent transfer information to the ITMS. This system allows FIFA TMS to report more accurately data provide the public with complete and reliable review of transfer activities than any other source on the market.

The GTM Report 2016 shows all the completed transfers around the world that amounted to 13,558 this year. It is a remarkable increase of 3.1% in comparison to 2014 and indicates that the number of transfers is constantly growing. It has been a most profitable betting system for many punters putting money on transfer happening.

The transfer fees involved in the transactions amounted to USD 4.18 billion in 2015. It’s a 2.6% increase in comparison to 2014 and a remarkable 44.2% growth since 2011.

The transparent overview of the international transfer activity provided by the GTM 2016 Report helps to further develop understanding of the market. It is particularly designed for football professionals, but anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the international football transfer market will find the report very informative.

The Report begins with an introduction of ITMS and answers the frequently asked questions regarding international transfers. It explains clearly how the data is gathered and how it’s used to analyze the market and project future trends.

Consolidated into 45 pages the GTM 2016 Report is divided into few points that arose in 2015:
Figures: It includes all the data sent by the 209 FIFA member associations and over 6500 professional football clubs around the world regarding their international football transfers. All information is very transparent.

Repercussions: The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil generated various controversies some of which happened even before the tournament started, therefore the FIFA TMS expanded on Brazil’s transfer behavior and the repercussions that it has to face as a consequence.

Football and politics: The GTM 2016 Report illustrates the impact of how geography and various political systems of the countries included in the report have on football transfer activities around the world. There is a significant difference between the countries transfer strategies, their position in the world of football and the financial gratification of the players. It varies from country to country.

Shift: There is a significant shift in Chinese expansion in the transfer market whilst Brazil reports a drop in players transfers.

Minors: This section explains the trends, the figures and what they indicate to the reader. The trends of the international transfers help to speculate over the future of football market.
Transfer strategies: The report demonstrates various different transfer strategies, their impact on the players, football clubs and other football professionals as well as illustrates the effects international tournaments on player transfers.

It looks like teams are going to continue to spend more money over the coming years. Buying top rated stars is a sports betting strategy that will be used by all the top clubs. They will hope buying the best players it is a most profitable betting system.

This article was written by John Hawthorne who is an analytical contributor to sports betting system website www.simplythebetsus.com.

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