Football predictions for free on Friday

For today we will make a 3 free football predictions from the football tournaments in Europa.

Olympique Nimes vs Dijon

One match of the French League 1, 25 round of tournament

  • Dijon have more wins in soccer games with Nim 7 – 5-
  • Dijon tries to star in the league this season

Prediction – x2 double chance at odds of 1.85.

Here we bet on 2 option of possible 3, the odds being good. In France often become draws and here we suppose it may be happen again.

Lyon – Gingham

Lyon is one of the leaders at the moment in general Standing.

  • 16 victories for Lyon and 9 for Gingham in the matches between these two clubs.
  • Lyon at third place in France League one, with a 7-3-2 home game statistic
    Prediction – 1 on Odds 1.30

ENG Troffy cup

Q.P.R – Watford, FA Trophy Cup match

  • QPR have 6 wins and Watford has 9 in the matches between this both teams
  • QPR has 2 wins in the last 2 games with Watford. Despite the better form at the moment, we think QPR can finish in this match 1 or x
    Forecast football – 1X double chance – odds – 1.85

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