Antoine Griezmann – history of french football talent

Antoine Griezmann was born in the small French town of Macon in 1992 year. Antoine’s mother, Isabel, is a native France, but she is a pure-blooded Portuguese: her parents emigrated from their native country to Macon in 1957 year. His father introduced him to the magic of football, because he is the coach of the local sport team, who is in the second amateur league in France football championate. Even at an early age, he is trying to launch his son at the football academy, but the experts cut that he is very weak and not suitbale for football. Big mistake!

Today, Griezmann’s style of play compares to Beckham’s skills, and his fragile physics is associated with the explosive speed. Antoine is known all over the world of football. In the young age, Grizzman’s idol is David Silva (although according to his mother, he wanted to be like Pavel Nedved and that is why color his hair from an early age – his habit remains today).

griezmann french football talant

Antoine Griezmann’s career

The start of Antoine Grisman’s football career does not start super brilliant. For the first time, Antoine was spotted at the age of 14, by representatives of the Real Sociedad club in a friendly match of youths of Montpellier and Pari Saint-Germain youths in 2005. The Bird of Lucky landed on his shoulder. They give him a chance for a week trial period, then he enters the club academy. in Real Sociedad Gradually, Antoine Griezmann became part of the team of Real Sociedad. 2009 is a remarkable career, he scores 5 goals in four games for them.

Antoine Griezmann’s salary

With the position of a left midfielder, the talent of the young footballer is fully revealed and in the spring of 2010, he signed his contract with Real Sociedad for five years. This is his first major step in the professional football career.

After 3 years of joining the club, he became the captain and in 2014 moved to Atletico Madrid for 30,000,000 euro. For 2019 experts, said that his salary exceeds 380,000 euro per week. In the new club, he plays, as a goal striker. Soon Antoine Griezmann became the best goal scorer and joined the national team from 2010. The Frenchman is very much ahead of the European Championship in 2016. But it does not go without problems in 2013. Grizzman is disqualified for a year, because of the fact that before a game is seen in a nightclub where he enjoys. But this incident does not affect the quality of his game on the football stadiums. At the World Championship in 2018, he became the best player in the final. In the crucial match with the Croatian team, the striker took a penalty in 38 minutes.

Grizzman is one of the best scorers for the French national soccer team. He has a high technical level, ease of movement with the ball and elegance equal to the Spanish players. Thanks to his subtle body, Grossman manages easily on the pitch. It is also worth mentioning its explosive reserve, which is ideal for quick attack, as well as good accurate shots.

But he also has his own strangeness … Antoine believes in a particular talisman – sponge bubbles with him, he thinks, are lucky and necessarily squeezes his boxers to every game. At the same time, the assailant is a deeply religious person. Thats is very good. This is evident from his tattoos, each of which has a special meaning. Images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, initials parents rosary surrounded by stars and clouds, the word “HOPE” on the phalanges of the fingers.

Antoine Grossman personal life, family, wife and children

His personal life, unlike other footballers, is discreet. He marries a secretly in 2017 with his girlfriend, Erika Choperna. Their relationship dates back to 2016 when Antoine(now 24), played for Real Sociedad. His daughter, Mia, is almost immediately born.

Erika is not a model, she is not even the standard shiny beauty, she is a simple girl, which many football fans sometimes reproach him, expressing surprise at his choice. Surprisingly, she has a pedagogical education. But the footballer does not pay attention to these attacks. Although she has a bachelor’s degree in education, Erika is a great fan of fashion. She has a blog in which she writes daily about her appearance and her choice of clothes, so there are more than thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, the popularity of Erika is largely due to Griezmann. Wish their family health and happiness. His accomplishments are many, but to name some of them: 2014 – finalist of the Champions League, the best player of the 2016 European Championship and of course we said about 2018 when triumphed in the World Cup. UEFA selects Antoine Grisman as Europe’s best footballer for the season 2017-2018. The media call him “the football killer with the baby face”. He really knows how to score.

He told the media, that he was returning to childhood and was experiencing incredible joy. If there is anything genetically embedded in the tall 176 cm star player, it may not only come from his father, but also from his grandfather, who was also a footballer. But first of all, it is his thirst to prove he can. And, of course, it does in a super good way – just a Griezmann!