Live football predictions

Live Football Predictions – Sunday 13 October 2019

On the internet and in tipster communities, we notice more football predictions before the start of the games, which is standard procedure. Many tipsters make predictions before the games, not when they are live. football predictions live can also be made, but time is also crucial here. We will give you soccer tips to play during the matches, our predictions will be before the match, but at the same time, we will make live football predictions and give you advice for Sunday matches.

There were a lot of qualifications Euro 2020 this week and as we can see they continue on 14, 15 October 2019, but we will focus on club football and make live football predictions for European Championships.

Second Division, Spain

Numancia vs Zaragoza – Over 1.5 Goals – Odds 1.34 (Prediction Before The Match)

Numancia – Zaragoza – live football predictions (prediction during the match) – if 0-0 at halftime, bet on 1X double chance, at 1 goal at halftime, choose option over 1.5 for full-time result and at 2 goals at half time – over 2.5 goals at a full-time result. Generally in Spain, the Second Division is not very effective goals teams, but depending on the match, sometimes more than 2 goals are scored. At the expense of not much score performance, the odds are quite high for goals. Our advice is if 1 or 2 goals at a 1st half to play for another goal in the 2nd half.

Netherlands First Division

Volendam – Den Bosch – prediction before the match X2 odds 2.02

Volendam – Den Bosch – Live Match prediction – at 0-0 or first half odds, bet on X2 Double Chance (Draw or Den Bosch to win on a double chance). With 1 goal first half, you can try for 2 goals the second half, as many goals are scored in this division in general. The odds are not high, but the teams score a lot of goals in the Netherlands Second Division.

Total odds before matches start – 2.70