Mobile Betting – Yes or No?

What are the advantages of mobile sports betting compared to betting on a desktop computer, why should you bet on your mobile device, are there any downsides, and which bookmakers have the best mobile betting console? You’ll find all those answers in this article.


First of all, the obvious advantage of mobile gambling is that you can bet on the move and therefore will never miss your favorite game. You can place your bets easily wherever you are, which is a huge advantage. These days people expect to be able to do everything through their smartphones, and betting is also a part of this. Since this is one of the most vibrant and innovative industries in the world, many bookmakers embraced the challenge to innovate and brought mobile betting to their players, with various degrees of success.

Website or Android/iPhone app?

There’s a big difference between bookmakers when you’re accessing their websites through your web browser. Some bookmakers just don’t care and will show you the desktop version of their site, except that it’s on a very small screen, and these would be the bookmakers that have missed the mobile boat altogether and keep doing what they were always doing. Other bookmakers go through great lengths to make their websites usable on mobile, and that’s primarily Bet365 and Betfair, while some will even offer an app, such as 1xBet. These would usually be the bookmakers that jumped on mobile betting too quickly, as the standard today is to avoid use of a stand-alone app and instead make the website behave like an app.

If a bookmaker didn’t adapt the website for mobile use – and this needs to go way beyond the mobile responsiveness – then that bookmaker isn’t suitable for mobile betting. It will just be too difficult to use the website when the elements on the screen are too small and are adapted to clicking and not to tapping with a finger. Same goes for bookmakers that force you to install an app, especially if there are significant discrepancies between the user experience on desktop and on mobile.

Mobile betting bonuses

Some bookmakers still give dedicated deposit bonuses for mobile betting or for live betting, but this is rare nowadays. Most bookmakers don’t make the distinction between desktop betting and mobile betting anymore, as it’s expected you’ll be visiting the website from your smartphone anyway. But you could still find a bookmaker that wants to give you a special incentive to try out their mobile betting or their mobile app. You can find many bonus offers and promotions for new and existing customers.

What should a good mobile bookmaker have?

All functions and features must be available when you’re visiting the website through your smartphone, and that means the development team had to basically create a whole new version of the entire site. You see this when you’re visiting bookmakers such as Bet365 and Betfair, as the developers found a way to create a new version of the website for mobile use, with all the mobile UX standards that are used elsewhere. The navigation, betting and everything else need to feel effortless and, needless to say, you should never have to pinch and zoom. It must be effortless.

Advantages of mobile betting

Bet wherever you are, at any time of day. The biggest advantage of mobile betting is placing a bet in those situations where you couldn’t possibly have access to a desktop computer or a laptop, even a tablet, such as the most obvious one – when you’re attending a game. If you have your phone with you, which you do, you can place a bet on your mobile while watching that game live. It’s also possible to place bets in many situations where it wouldn’t necessarily be socially accepted to do so, such as when on college, some business meeting, in a bus, or similar. You can always place a bet just by tapping the screen a few times and you’re done.

Disadvantages of mobile betting

Mobile betting itself doesn’t necessarily have disadvantages, but mobile use in general might be a small problem as you’re opening a lot of different websites when you’re intending to place a bet. Statistics, videos, reports, news. Sometimes the screen is just to small to display everything you want properly, which will then make it a bit tricky to handle all this. If you’re doing some wider research for your bets, and will be handling a lot of statistical information, then you might want to use desktop instead, so you can work with many different tabs in your browser, and have the data available for copy/pasting or whatever. Some of those tasks are very complicated to do on your phone, so whenever it’s a hassle, just use desktop.

Best mobile bookmakers today

Bet365 and Betfair are by far the best bookmakers in the world when it comes to mobile betting. The mobile betting experience is superb in both cases, as you have access to all the features such as Cash Out, Combo Bonus, Acca Insurance, as well as mobile alerts when someone scores, and many other things you’ll discover only when you sign up and start betting on your smartphone. Not only that Bet365 and Betfair have the best mobile betting at the moment, but this is also a totally different way to bet, much better than desktop could ever be, and in the future, it will likely get even better as mobile betting starts including every technological innovation that comes along on smartphones.