Roulette history – how to play roulette

Roulette history

Roulette has appeared in our world a long time ago. The word – “Roulette”, according to Wikipedia has French origin, translating means a small wheel. It is assumed, that roulette as a game has appeared in France, but this is not fully proved. There are also claims, that it originates is in China, and then monks, China traders have transferred it to Europe. The earliest version of roulette that is known and became known on the European continent in 1500-1550 was more known as a game in which a circle pulled, mostly in carnival and entertainment.

In the distant 1657 year, French mathematics Blaze Pascal offered a simple version of the current roulette, but this type still does not have the options and functions of what we now understand as a roulette game. It was primitive and very simple. Roulette was literally a French board game called Roulette. In 1796, when in Paris the game began to be played in the current format, we can say that there are many similarities to this, that is now playing as a roulette game.

Purpose of roulette as a game

Basically, the goal of the roulette is, when rotating, the ball falls into the set color, number or combination, such as small and large numbers.

Roulette has 2 colors + green. Black, Red, and zero is the Green color. The colors are based primarily on red and black.

Roulette has 36 or 37 numbers, and the types most commonly played are European Roulette and American Roulette. European Roulette has 36 numbers and American 37 with + 00 additional.

From 1 to 36 + 0s. – European Roulette / here the advantage of the casino before the player is about 3% /
From 1 to 36 + 0 + 00 – American roulette / with it the number 00, increases the chance of the casino and reduces the player’s chance of winning, as in the case of 0 and the casino wins, the player wins against the player. Here in this type of casino, there is an advantage of about 6% in front of the casino.
The colors, that are staked in bulk are black and red, with the profit doubled. When playing for example with 1, if win the color, you get 2 (100% winning of yot stake). There is also an option to play in small and large numbers, two adjacent numbers and other casino combinations.

Types of Roulette Games

Here is a short summary of the types of roulette and bets: Play a single number. The casino customer selects and bets on a number and expects to win, with the probability not big, but the win is 1 to 35 times the bet. Play in Split at the casino roulette – bet on two neighboring numbers, with odds 1 to 17 on this bet. Again, we can say, that the chance is not particularly big, but bigger than playing a single number.
Playing Small and Big Numbers in Casino Roulette – This is bet on numbers in groups, two groups 1 to 18 and second group 19 to 36. The winning ratio is 1: 1 or you bet 1 euro to win 1 euro.
Corner play at casino roulette – here the player stacks chips in the corner of four adjacent numbers, here the payout ratio is 1: 8
Street bet – bet on numbers in the order of the game table, 3 numbers that are placed on the outer line and the odds here are 1:11
Six-line Roulette – here is a bet on 6 numbers on 2 rows – at 1: 5 ratio
Pledge of a dozen – one, two and three dozen, respectively, allocated in the following order 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. Payout ratio of 1: 2
Columns – here is a bet placed under the column, respectively the chips are placed under the columns and the ratio is 1: 2.


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